Where practical, our first step in client representation is to give our clients an opinion on the merits of their case. We try to give an assessment at the earliest stage, but sometimes we have to wait until the discovery or disclosure process has been completed. As the case progresses, we will update our opinion and where there has been a significant development or a change in our view of the case, we will be sure to advise you promptly.

Readiness to identify good settlement opportunities

After assessing a commercial dispute, we usually evaluate the potential for settlement. Good counsel are always ready to negotiate a reasonable outcome, if the opportunity can be identified. Ninety-five percent of commercial cases settle at some stage in the proceeding. Indeed, many administrative or criminal cases also resolve on a negotiated basis. We are convinced that remaining attentive to the prospects for settlement is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of intelligent management of legal disputes.

There for you if matters proceed to a trial or hearing

If a matter proceeds to trial or to a hearing, we make every effort to ensure that the concerns and anxieties of our clients are addressed by our team. We bring the skill and expertise to the table to maximize our clients’ opportunity for success in an uncertain process.

You’ll have your own dedicated legal team

Generally, you’ll be working with one or two lawyers from the firm. On some larger or ongoing cases, we may expand the team to include a third or fourth lawyer.

How involved will you be?

As a client, the level of your involvement depends on the nature of the case, the stage of the case, and your preference. You will always be involved in major decisions, at key points where your evidence is necessary, and where significant cost decisions are involved.

Controlling costs

By avoiding “over-lawyering” of cases, while offering top-quality legal personnel, we can provide expert yet cost-efficient services to our clients.