We respect referrals and are conscious that the way we handle a case reflects on you as a referring lawyer, as well as on us. When you make a referral, you can assure the client of the best possible representation. Of course, we will never take on other work for a client you refer to us unless you consent or we receive a request from you to do so.

Many large firms and boutique firms refer clients to us

Lawyers and firms that refer clients to us include national and top-tier boutique firms, as well as firms throughout Ontario and across Canada. Our referring lawyers know that their clients will receive extraordinary service at reasonable cost, without the risk of inadvertently creating competition for your client.

You can choose your level of involvement

You and the client you refer can choose your level of involvement in the case.
When it’s a straight referral, we’ll advise you when the matter ends. When you continue to act in some manner for the client, we’ll keep you informed of major events in the case.

Unless there is a conflict of interest, we are accustomed to taking commercial advice on files from our referring solicitors. Similarly, if litigation results in a commercial settlement, the referring solicitor is often involved in completing the settlement.

We also regularly act in situations where a specialist law firm remains involved as instructing/consulting counsel, while Stockwoods takes the lead in litigation and advocacy.

Managing costs

You’ll discover that we’re experienced in managing cost arrangements, too.


Referring Firms

Here are some of the firms that often refer clients to us:

  • Blake, Cassels & Graydon
  • Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
  • Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin
  • Lerners LLP
  • McCarthy Tetrault
  • Paliare Roland
  • Torys LLP