Due to the wide breadth of our experience and expertise, we are uniquely capable of acting for clients who face litigation or potential legal exposure on more than one front – whether the issues arise in the civilregulatory, or criminal context. Our experience also allows us to advise our clients about the impact that one proceeding may have on other areas of possible concern.

We aim to take responsible positions on behalf of our clients both in and out of court. While some clients prefer lawyers who will maintain untenable arguments if instructed to do so, we are convinced that our clients benefit from the good counsel of lawyers who exercise sound judgment.

We can work with an existing legal team

We are happy to work with an existing legal team to provide litigation support or expert assistance in a particular area.

Stockwoods avoids “over-lawyering” to control costs

By avoiding “over-lawyering” of cases, while still offering top-quality legal advice, we can provide expert and cost-efficient services to our clients.

Our professional fees are competitive with our peers in the Toronto legal market. Smart staffing practices for each case and avoiding “over-lawyering” allow us to better manage costs for our clients.

We assist clients worldwide with Canadian legal issues

We assist clients throughout Ontario, across Canada, the U.S. and internationally with their legal issues. While our practice is usually before the provincial and federal courts in Ontario, we have been involved in matters across Canada and in international forums.


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Recent examples of our individual lawyers’ recognition:

Paul Le Vay

Brian Gover

Philip Tunley

  • LEXPERT ranked in Defamation & Media
  • Named in Best Lawyers for Defamation and Media Law
  • Served two terms as the Attorney General of Ontario’s representative on the Advisory Committee on Federal Judicial Appointments

Brendan Van Niejenhuis

Luisa Ritacca

Johanna Braden