We are also regularly involved in high-profile civil disputes against the Crown. The breadth of our experience handling complex criminal, civil and administrative matters for the Crown provides us with an exceptional background to manage civil cases involving government liability.

In recent years, our firm has served as counsel on matters including Al-Malki et al. v. Canada (alleging Canadian government complicity in the torture of three Canadian citizens by the governments of Syria and Egypt). We have also served in litigation challenging the constitutionality of provincial autism funding, in a class action asserting unlawful tax treatment of certain brokerage accounts, and numerous other cases.

We have also acted in a number of cases on behalf of First Nations and their members, including the “Casino Rama” case (Chippewas of Rama v. Ontario) and in the Caledonia dispute involving Six Nations, and more recently on behalf of the Attawapiskat First Nation and Lake St. Martin First Nation in litigation against the Crown.

Building on our broader public law expertise, we have also frequently defended regulators and public officials from litigation alleging regulatory negligence, abuse of power, and malicious prosecution.