Three Stockwoods Lawyers Honoured with CPHA National Public Health Hero award

Stockwoods proudly congratulates its members Owen M. Rees, Andrea Gonsalves and Fredrick Schumann, who were honoured on June 14, 2012 with the CPHA National Public Health Hero award by the Canadian Public Health Association.  Owen, Andrea and Fredrick acted as counsel to the CPHA in its successful intervention in the Insite appeal, in which the Supreme Court accepted the submissions of CPHA and others in support of requiring the Minister of Health to maintain an exemption permitting Canada’s first safe public injection site to continue to operate in Vancouver.

The CEO and Awards Committee Chair of the CPHA acknowledged the firm’s efforts as follows:

“The contribution of Stockwoods along with Owen, Fredrick and Andrea in working with public health experts and presenting the science of addictions within the intervener submission cannot be overstated. The nomination which was supported by Dr. Lynn McIntyre, Dr. Perry Kendall and Dr. Richard Stanwick highlighted their quick grasp of public health issues and their exceptional ability to appreciate the health arguments for Insite’s existence and provision of service to vulnerable populations. Their involvement was pivotal to the Court’s decision which resulted in a judgment which is extraordinarily important for public health work and workers and advances population health.”

Founded in 1910, the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) is the independent voice for public health in Canada with links to the international community.