Scott Hutchison quoted by National Post on Pickton trial

Stockwoods partner Scott Hutchison was quoted in a National Post article  focusing on the probability of the second trial of Robert Pickton in the Supreme Court of British Columbia:

Scott Hutchison, a former senior Crown attorney in Ontario, believes the prosecution has a duty to go ahead with the second trial, and the cost or length of the proceeding cannot be a factor in the decision.

“This is the most serious offence in the Criminal Code,” said Mr. Hutchison, who is now in private practice in Toronto. “This is not like walking away from a property crime. It is different than anything else in law.

“It is easy for people to think, how much is it costing me,” Mr. Hutchison said. But a murder prosecution is not about a “financial calculation. It is a profound commitment to the worth of every individual.” For more information or to contact Scott, click here.