M. Philip Tunley re-appointed to Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee (Ontario – GTA)

M. Philip Tunley has been re-appointed by the Attorney-General of Canada to the federal Advisory Committee on Judicial Appointments for Ontario (Greater Toronto Area Committee). The Committee is one of a series of regional committees that advise the Attorney-General of Canada with respect to applicants for Ontario appointments to the Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal, and the Federal courts. Phil was nominated to serve as a representative of the Attorney-General of Ontario. The GTA committee screens applicants from the Greater Toronto Area, and also includes representatives on behalf of the Chief Justice of Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association and the Attorney-General of Canada.

Phil will continue to serve with the other members of the Committee, including Madam Justice Cronk of the Ontario Court of Appeal. For more information or to contact Phil, click here.