Christopher Wirth appears on OBA Institute panel.

On February 5, 2007, Christopher Wirth was a panellist together with Mr. Justice Sharpe of the Ontario Court of Appeal and Mr. Justice Brockenshire of the Superior Court of Justice, at the OBA Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Toronto. In the roundtable, titled “Procedural Justice? Substantive Justice? Ask the Justice!”, Chris and his co-panellists discussed the impact of the increased focus on motions practice over trial practice, owing in part to the longstanding delays in obtaining trial dates.

Chris’ participation on the panel is one of numerous presentations he has made over the years, and is reflective of Chris’ expertise in the use of motions in civil practice as seen in his text on Interlocutory Proceedings (Canada Law Book, 2004). For more information or to contact Chris, click here.