Aylmer Energy Project Kept on Track

Phil Tunley and Brennagh Smith appeared for the Town of Aylmer at an urgent Review hearing called by the Board on its own motion on February 28, 2008 to address certain disputes that were threatening to delay construction of a natural gas pipeline to service a $130 million ethanol plant that is scheduled to commence production this summer.  The Board heard and determined several claims by Natural Resource Gas Limited, the local gas ultility that is constructing the pipeline, for additional financial security from the plant owner and developer, IGPC Ethanol Inc., and has scheduled written argument to address others.  Most important from the Town’s perspective, the Board incorporated a construction schedule agreed to by all parties as a condition of its Order granting leave to construct the pipeline.  The development of the plant is expected to employ approximately 30 full time workers, directly, and also to create in excess of 600 permanent jobs indirectly in related sectors.  Supported by all three levels of government, the project is expected to lead a significant economic recovery in an area hard hit by a recent severe loss of jobs in the tobacco industry.