Our lawyers embody three core attributes:


Our lawyers provide a broad spectrum of litigation expertise, and we are one of the few firms with the ability to provide top-tier service across the range of civil, regulatory and criminal litigation. Because of our insightful approach to the legal problems of our clients, we are lawyers other lawyers recommend and are respected by the courts and tribunals we appear before.


We work collaboratively to provide competent and professional service at every level. Our strong and stable team is achieved by smart recruitment and low turnover. We recruit promising young lawyers after they have completed a judicial clerkship, and we also attract accomplished lawyers from other firms. Our open and meritocratic culture ensures that clients benefit from insightful counsel at every level of seniority.


We pursue optimal outcomes for our clients in a reasonable and cost-effective manner. We do not lose sight of the economics of litigation or of the client’s ultimate objectives and goals. As a result, we remain attentive to advantageous settlement opportunities and other strategic exits from litigation. At the same time, we are well equipped to plan and successfully execute our legal strategies in the most sophisticated cases.


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